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Anthropology, Geography, and Geology is a multidisciplinary department. What links us all is our fascination with the earth and its occupants. We offer classes in a wide range of disciplines, including Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems, Meteorology, Oceanography, and of course, Anthropology, Geography, and Geology. We invite you to explore our diverse offerings, which meet a wide range of university transfer requirements in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and life sciences.

In addition to our many lecture courses, we also offer laboratory courses for transferable credit in the physical and life sciences.

Anthropologists, geographers, and geologists are curious and adventurous. All of our classes will enable students to both expand their horizons and see their own neighborhoods in a new light. We offer a broad range of courses, studying topics like Archaeology (Anthropology 103), Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft (Anthropology 121), Weather and Climate (Geography/Meteorology 3), Global Climate Change (Environmental Science 24), Earth History (Geology 2) and Oceanography (Oceanography 1), but all our classes provide inquiring students with a greater awareness of this great big world, their place in it, and how they can shape its future.

Our department is home to several thriving student clubs (Anthropology Club, Geography Club, Geology Club, and Environmental Outreach Club) that host lectures and events, take overnight fieldtrips, and even conduct research.
Come by the G8 building and find out what makes our little slice of the sciences so engaging and inspiring!
Our department has you covered in fulfilling many of your GE requirements! We have classes in 5 of the required IGETC subareas and 6 of the CSU GE subareas.

While some of our graduates will go on to pursue careers as anthropologists, geographers, and geologists, many more will use their background to prepare them for jobs in medicine, law, social work, forensics, archaeology, curation, conservation, archiving, human resources, education, marketing, public health, psychology, logistics, government, city planning, hydrology, cartography, and geological engineering.

We currently offer the following degrees:

  • Associate in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer,
  • Associate in Arts in Geography for Transfer,
  • Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer,
  • Environmental Studies: Physical Sciences, Associate in Arts

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Stephen Koletty Ph.D., Chairperson
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Phone: (310) 367-2115