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Geography will astonish you. It is so much more than learning about different places. Geography introduces students to the different components of nature and human society that shape the world in which we live. What sets geography apart from other disciplines is that our studies compel us to look at our world in new ways that reveal connections within the patterns of nature and societal processes that define contemporary life. Geographers are trained to analyze and interpret geographic patterns using maps, graphs, Geographic Information Systems and other analytical techniques to interpret our world.

Geography majors hone valuable skills in spatial thinking, geographic analysis, landscape interpretation, and field research. These skills position geographers to collaborate on solutions to such wide-ranging issues as urbanization, climate change, natural disasters mitigation, environmental justice, international conflict, health, and migration. Professional geographers pursue exciting careers in city and transportation planning, marketing studies, cartography, environmental impact assessment, sustainability and resource management, law enforcement, intelligence, diplomatic services, teaching and many others.

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Stephen Koletty Ph.D., Chairperson
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