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Anthropology is the study of human beings. Anthropologists seek to understand all aspects of what it is to be human and explore the diversity of ways that human beings and their ancestors have forged a living over the last several million years. Cultural anthropologists compare living cultures and societies throughout the world to document and explain the full range of human variation in beliefs and behaviors. Archaeological anthropologists explore the human past and seek to understand how and why human cultures have changed over time by using materials left behind by ancient societies. Biological anthropologists examine the biological nature of humans by studying the behaviors of humans closest living relatives, the primates, and the evolution of humans as shown through the fossil record. Linguistic anthropologists study the ways humans communicate using language. Anthropology is perhaps the most broad of all social science disciplines, and a degree in anthropology can be useful in a wide range of careers, including medicine, business, marketing, law, public health, ethnic studies, cultural studies, linguistics, education, ecology, and psychology. Anthropology courses can fulfill transfer requirements in humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and biological/life sciences (including the CSU laboratory requirement).

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