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A Career in Management or as an Entrepreneur – We Have Courses for You.

Understanding the principles of business management can open a world of opportunity. The Business management area of study at East Los Angeles College prepares you for success in a variety of disciplines. The management courses prepare students as entrepreneurs, small business owners, supervisors, and organization managers.

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Build your resume or follow a well-rounded path toward understanding what
it means to operate a business or manage a small business. Here at ELAC, you have three opportunities to build your knowledge and build your resume in management to you can grow your own business or advance in a career.

Career Opportunities: Start or run your own business, supervisor, general manager, or program director.

Do you want to transfer into a Degree program and emphasis in Management? Here are some examples.

Check out these options with the California State University system:

California State University Northridge Bachelors in Science, Management

California State University Cal Poly Pomona, Management and Human Resources

University of California Riverside, BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management

The Management and Organization Department at the University of Southern California

Loyola Marymount University, Bachelors Major in Management

Pepperdine University, Bachelor of Science in Management

Management Courses


This course delves into the fundamentals of small business entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on how to develop a new small business. The course also covers the processes involved in managing and growing a small business. Addi­tional areas of study include personal qualifications for starting and managing a small business, determining market opportunity, legal business formation, business plan development, marketing plan development, capital requirements, small business loans, and human resources management.


This course provides the student with an opportunity to explore opportunities and challenges involved in entrepreneurship for the 21st Century. Students learn about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, creating a profitable business model, and starting again as a serial entrepreneur. This course focuses on entrepreneurship from a global perspective and on opportunity recognition.