Health Information Technology Apprenticeship

  1. Would you like to be part of a well-paid, respected, and in-demand profession?
  2. Would you like to build your skills and competencies for a career in health information technology?
  3. Would you like placement in a paid apprenticeship position following graduation?

If you answered “Yes”, you should apply to become Health Information Technology Apprenticeship participant!

Benefits of Health Information Technology Apprenticeship Program

  1. Book loans.
  2. Paid Registration Fee for the RHIT exam.
  3. Placement on a job after completing the program.

Steps in the Application Process:

  1. Complete the ELAC college enrollment and have an active ELAC student ID number.
  2. Declare Health Information Technology as your selected program of study/major.
  3. Complete the college assessments in reading and math, orientation, and counseling.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid.
  5. Receive funding for Financial Aid or other assistance to cover tuition cost.
  6. Complete the following courses before applying to the HIT Apprenticeship Program:
    1. ENG 101 English Composition
    2. Social & Behavioral Sciences Course
    3. American Institutions Course
    4. Humanities Course
    5. Health Education Course
    6. Physical Activity Course
    7. o MATH 227 Statistics (effective June 2020)
    8. CAOT 82 Microcomputer Software Survey in the Office
    9. PHYSIO 6 Physiology 6
    10. HTHTEK 100 Introduction to Health Information Technology
    11. HTHTEK 133 Medical Terminology
  7. Request for an application from Professor Monica Thurston, MBA, RHIA, at
  8. Complete the HIT Apprenticeship application.
  9. Applications can be emailed to Professor Monica Thurston, MBA, RHIA, at
  10. Selected, prospective applicants will be invited to participate in an in-person interview.
  11. Once accepted into the program, students must attend the mandatory Health Information Technology Apprenticeship orientation.

Due to the limited number apprenticeships, the selection will be a very competitive process. Applications and interview will be reviewed and evaluated by criteria established by the health information technology program and employers. PENDING AVAILABILITY OF FUNDING.

Registered Health Information Technology Apprenticeship Program Course Schedule

HTHTEK 106 Hospital Ethics and Law
HTHTEK 134 Introduction to Pathology
HTHTEK 108 Introduction to Pharmacology

1st 8-weeks of Fall/Spring Semester
HTHTEK 103 Introduction to Basic Coding
HTHTEK 207 Introduction to Health Statistics
HTHTEK 230 Electronic Health Records in the Healthcare Systems

2nd 8-weeks of Fall/Spring Semester
HTHTEK 215 Inpatient Coding and Abstracting
HTHTEK 221 Quality Management and Leadership
HTHTEK 222 Health Information Services Organization and Management

Winter/Spring Semester
HTHTEK 110 Ambulatory Care Coding
HTHTEK 220 Healthcare Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management (effective June 2020)

Spring/Fall Semester
HTHTEK 202 Directed Practice for Coding Specialists
HTHTEK 241 Directed Practice in Health Information Procedures II

During the last semester, the student will register to take the Registered Health Information Technology (RHIT) exam within four months after graduation.

Following completion of all required courses, student will be eligible to place on a job in one of the five occupations:

  1. Health Information Technician
  2. Release of Information Specialist
  3. Inpatient/Outpatient Coder
  4. Core Measure Specialist
  5. Health Data Analyst

The on-the-job training of the apprenticeship program is a paid position that bridges education and employment. The apprenticeship program lasts one year (2,000 hours).

Who is eligible to apply?

  1. All enrolled students who have declared health information technology as their program of study.
  2. TAA Eligible Workers
  3. Unemployed and Underemployed
  4. Incumbent Worker (workers already employed)
  5. Veterans, Active Duty and their Spouses (Priority Acceptance)