Scholastic Student Achievements

Name: Ngozi Nwoko

Award: American Public Works Association, Southern California Chapter, Student Scholarship

Year: 2020

Ngozi Nwoko

Mrs. Nwoko completed Land Surveying 1 (ES 121) where she earned an A for her academic efforts. Mrs. Nwoko’s academic work ethic has been outstanding. Mrs. Nwoko makes it a pleasure to teach because she works hard in class and while in the field performing land surveying tasks. Mrs. Nwoko dedicates tremendous time in making sure her work is being submitted with excellence. In addition, Mrs. Nwoko received a scholarship to attend the 2020 Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute conference in Indiana. Moreover, during the 2020 spring semester, Mrs. Nwoko was given an opportunity to intern with the survey department through the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, Surveying Division.