CSU Transfer Requirements

The California State University (CSU) system comprises of 23 campuses. CSU campuses offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, & applied fields and professions.

CSU Minimum Requirements Checklist (Click here for PDF)


Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement is an agreement between two college campuses that ensures the transferability of courses to meet major and general education requirements.

East Los Angeles College maintains articulation agreements with all campuses of the California State University system. These agreements can be accessed at http://www.assist.org/


CSU Transfer Information

What is impaction?

When the number of applications received by a CSU campus from qualified applicants is greater than the number of available spaces, a campus is considered “impacted” for undergraduate degree programs or for undergraduate students who apply from outside the local admission area.
  • Campus Impaction: ALL majors at all levels are impacted. An impacted campus is allowed to use additional criteria to screen applications.
  • Major Impaction: There are more qualified applicants applying into the major than there are available spaces for. Some campuses may require certain major requirements to be completed before transfer for impacted majors.
  • No Impaction: Campuses without the impaction designation at the program or campus level are open to all CSU eligible applicants. These campuses will only require minimum transfer requirements to be completed to be eligible for transfer. They also do not have a local area preference.

Academic Program Impaction
for 2021-22

The following campuses are campus impacted, which means ALL undergraduate programs, pre-programs, and undeclared/undecided programs are impacted for the following campuses:
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The table below lists CSU campuses that have some majors impacted and CSU campuses that are non-impacted.

Some majors impacted Non impacted
Cal Poly Pomona
Chico State University
CSU East Bay
CSU Monterey Bay
CSU Northridge
Sacramento State University
CSU San Bernardino
CSU San Marcos
Sonoma State University
CSU Dominguez Hills
CSU Bakersfield
CSU Channel Islands
Humboldt State University
CSU Maritime Academy
San Francisco State University
CSU Stanislaus