Parking Information - Citations

There is a two-week grace period at the beginning of each semester.
Please DO NOT park in faculty and staff spaces at any time or you will receive a citation.


Regular Parking Permits: Allows you to park in the Stadium Parking Lot, north and south Avalanche Ways, and Lots A and B at the South Gate Campus.

  • Fall : $20
  • Winter: $7
  • Spring: $20
  • Summer: $7

ASU Parking Permits: Allows you to park in the Stadium Parking Lot, north and south Avalanche Ways, Lots A and B at the South Gate Campus plus Parking Structure 3 and 4, and the South Gate Main lot.

  • Fall $27
  • Winter: $10
  • Spring: $27
  • Summer: $10

Daily / Visitor Permits: Daily permits are valid ONLY at the Stadium lot, Level 6 of Structure 3, Level 5 of Structure 4, north and south Avalanche Ways, and lots A and B of the South Gate Campus.

  • $2 All Day
  • Machines ONLY take $1 bill (no coins) and Visa/Mastercard
  • Machines DO NOT give change
  • Machines are located:
    • Middle of Stadium Parking Lot
    • Level 6 of Structure 3
    • Level 5 of Structure 4


  • Parking Permits are purchased at the Fiscal Office in G1-107.
  • A permit does not exempt you from receiving a citation.
  • A permit does not guarantee a parking space.
  • The Fiscal Office is NOT responsible for parking citations given to students.
    • All parking citations/appeals are handled by the ELAC Sheriff's Department, (323) 265-8800 located on the stadium concourse between tunnels 12 and 13.
  • All vehicles parked in a campus parking lot must display a valid permit at all times.
    • Permits must be properly displayed by hanging from the rear view mirror, facing out, or face up on the driver's side of the dashboard. Improperly displayed permits will result in a citation. Permits must be in plain, clear view to avoid citation.
  • Over-night parking is prohibited unless prior arrangements are made with the Sheriff's Office.
  • Please read all posted signs. Students are responsible for understanding where they are allowed to park.
  • Lost or stolen permits cannot be replaced. A new permit must be purchased for the full amount at the Fiscal Office while supplies last.


Faculty/Staff permits allow you to park in Parking Structure 3 and 4, West Access Road (south of Men’s Gym), Concourse, Child Development Center, and South Gate campus main lot. You can pick up your permit at the Sheriff’s office at the beginning of the calendar year with a valid ID/employee ID. There is a $20 fee for a replacement or additional permit payable at the Fiscal Office.


Vehicles parked in handicap stalls must display a valid handicap placard issued by the DMV per C.V.C Section 22507.8(A) along with a valid campus parking permit. Students with a handicap placard must also purchase a current semester parking permit. Any vehicle parked in a handicap stall without displaying a handicapped placard will be fines (CVC Section 22507.8(A))


Permits for motorcycle/open-top vehicles must be purchased at the Fiscal Office and registered at the Sheriff's Office every semester. Motorcycle and open-top vehicles without current semester unregistered permits will be cited per CVC Section 21113.A. Park only in marked stalls.