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An Administrative Medical Assistant is a front-office professional who performs the clerical work in doctors’ and hospital offices. These professionals are responsible for multiple tasks that include communicating with patients for case histories, scheduling appointments, electronic medical coding, filing insurance claims, updating and maintaining records, as well as processing insurance claims for receivable and payable accounts and maintain financial records. In addition, administrative medical assistants collaborate with doctors and nurses to help with medical examinations, schedule tests and order supplies, ensure compliance with procedures, and keep up-to date with changes in medical and insurance legislation. Students learn proven work experience as a medical administrative assistant, which include hands-on experience with medical software and MS Office, knowledge of healthcare operations, familiarity with medical and insurance legislation, excellent organizational and multitasking skills, and customer-oriented communication skills. An externship with local medical facilities will provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, reinforcing classroom content into real world applications.

Monica Thurston, Ed. S., MBA, RHIA
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First semester UNITS
HTHTEK 133 Medical Terminology 3
ALD HTH 057 Computers in Health Occupations 1
HLTHOCC 054 Human Disease 4
HLTHOCC 040 Introduction to Medical Assisting 3
HLTHOCC 051 Medical Office Microcomputer Applications 1
Second semester
HLTHOCC 061 Medical Insurance 3
HLTHOCC 052 Medical Office Procedures I 4
HLTHOCC 053 Medical Office Procedures II 4
HLTHOCC 055 Clinical Assisting Techniques I 4
HLTHOCC 059 Medical Assistant Practicum 2