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Medical Assistant

Application Deadline is July 31, 2022.

Clinical Medical Assistant (South Gate Campus)

A Clinical Medical Assistant is a medical support professional that performs a variety of tasks to assist physicians in providing patient care, while ensuring that clinics and hospitals run smoothly and efficiently. These professionals acquire the direct patient contact skills and technical knowledge required to work in the back office or a medical clinic or related healthcare facility. Course content includes medical, surgical asepsis, assisting with physical examinations, and minor office surgery, and electrocardiography, administration of medicine, laboratory skills, assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and specialized medical practice. Some clinical medical assistants working in a smaller practice may be required to perform administrative tasks, while others working in larger medical facilities focus mainly on providing support services directly related to patient care. An externship with local medical facilities will provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, reinforcing classroom content into real world applications.

First semester UNITS
HTHTEK 133 Medical Terminology 3
ALD HTH 057 Computers in Health Occupations 1
HLTHOCC 054 Human Disease 4
HLTHOCC 040 Introduction to Medical Assisting 3
HLTHOCC 051 Medical Office Microcomputer Applications 1

Second semester  
HLTHOCC 061 Medical Insurance 3
HLTHOCC 052 Medical Office Procedures I 4
HLTHOCC 053 Medical Office Procedures II 4
HLTHOCC 055 Clinical Assisting Techniques I 4
HLTHOCC 056 Clinical Assisting Techniques II 4

HLTHOCC 059 Medical Assistant Practicum 2
HLTHOCC 060 Medical Assistant Clinical Internship 3


Fall 2022 enrollment application deadline is June 30, 2022.

Email: @email to request for an application.
Mandatory Orientation for the Fall 2022 Semester is on August 6, 2022.

Spring 2023 enrollment application deadline is December 31, 2022.

Email: @email to request for an application.
Mandatory Orientation for the Spring 2023 Semester is on January 7, 2023.

Contact Information


Dept. Location: G5-211L


Monica Thurston, Ed. S., MBA, RHIA
Department Chair, Allied Health Program Director, Health Information Technology, Medical Assistant, and Health Occupations
Email: @email
Phone: (323) 780-6802
Google Voice Number: (562) 980-5185