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The Emergency First Responder (Emergency Medical Responder) Training Program which includes didactic (lectures) and practical (skills) training. The training focus is being first on scene, how to handle emergency medical emergencies, while waiting for EMT’s and or Paramedics to arrive on scene. This differs from the EMT Basic Training Program/Fire Technology 96, the amount of training hours is less, there’s no clinical or ride-along rotation required, and immunizations are not required. The First Responder Trainee does not qualify to work for any ambulance companies or hospital emergency departments. This program is a step below an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) more like a pre-EMT Basic Training Program.

This program curriculum is the National Standard Curriculum for First Responders/Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). This is a certificate program, but the training and subject matter/curriculum is almost same as the EMT. This program is very highly recommended to successfully complete before enrolling in an EMT Training Program.

EDA 009 - Emergency Department Assistant/First Responder (4 units)

This training program provides a foundation in emergency medical lifesaving procedures. The major portion of this program is directed towards the standardization of the training for emergency service personnel/first responders/emergency medical responders and those individuals requiring knowledge of effective lifesaving principles and procedures.

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