Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Our Program

Our program focuses in basic life support care of sick and injured persons. Our students are fully engaged taking on applied theory and working hands-on gaining a higher level of understanding resulting in better outcomes. Current industry standards are applied to course instruction including subjects such as: airway assessment, communications, documentation, general pharmacology, hemorrhage control, ambulance operations, and splinting of adult, pediatric, and infant patients; and special care of patients exposed to heat, cold, radiation, or contagious disease.

At the end of the program students will be required to demonstrate competence in practical skills as well as on written examinations. The EMT program is taught by professionals in the field of emergency medicine. Successful completion of this program will allow students to participate in the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians test, so you can begin a new career in record time.

Contact Information


Office Location: F9-108


Professor Cheryl Pittman, EMT Program Director
Email: pittmacl@elac.edu
Phone: (323) 267-3793