Environmental Studies

Program Overview

While some of our graduates will go on to pursue careers as anthropologists, geographers, and geologists, many more will use their background to prepare them for jobs in medicine, law, social work, forensics, archaeology, curation, conservation, archiving, human resources, education, marketing, public health, psychology, logistics, government, city planning, hydrology, cartography, and geological engineering.

We currently offer the following degrees:

  • Associate in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer,
  • Associate in Arts in Geography for Transfer,
  • Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer,
  • Environmental Studies: Physical Sciences, Associate in Arts
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Anthropology, Geography, Geology

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Environmental Studies: Physical Sciences, Associate in Arts

Subject & No. Course Units
Core Requirements   23
ENV SCI 001 Introduction to Environmental Science 3
ENV SCI 022 Environmental Science Laboratory 2
ECON 060 Economics and the Environment 3
PHILOS 028 Environmental Ethics 3
BIOLOGY 009 Man and His Environment: Biological Processes 3
CHEM 101* General Chemistry I 5
MATH 227* Statistics 4
MATH 227S* Statistics with Support 4
Restricted Elective: Choose one course from three of the following four areas 7-10
A. Choose one: (3-4 units)  
ENV SCI 024 Global Climate Change 3
PHYSICS 017 Energy and Environment 4
GEOG 003 Introduction to Weather and Climate 3
METEOR 003 Introduction to Weather and Climate 3
B. Choose one: (3 units)  
HISTORY 078 The Environment in World History 3
HISTORY 097 Introduction to History of Science 3
LAW 060 Environmental Law and Policy 3
C. Choose one: (3 units)  
ASTRON 015 Astrobiology 3
EARTH 001 Earth Science 3
GEOLOGY 001 Physical Geology 3
OCEANO 001 Introduction to Oceanography 3
D. Choose one: (1-3 units)  
PHYSICS 185 Directed Study - Physics 1
PHYSICS 285 Directed Study - Physics 2
PHYSICS 385 Directed Study - Physics 3
Free Electives: Complete 15-18 units from any CSU or UC transferable courses 15-18
  LACCD General Education Plan 21
  Total… 60

Note: 9 units of major courses may be double counted in LACCD General Education.

* This course has a prerequisite