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Interventional Radiology Coding

The Interventional Radiology Coding certificate prepares individuals seeking to work as coders for a radiology department or other healthcare setting where procedures are performed on the gastrointestinal, genitourinary, biliary, cardiovascular, and other body systems.

Upon completion of the Health Information Coding Specialist courses, students complete one additional course to learn how to abstract and analyze radiologic documentation to become proficient in radiologic procedural coding specifically related to non-vascular interventional radiology.

First Semester UNITS
PHYSIOL 006 Anatomy and Physiology 6
HTHTEK 100 Introduction to Health Information Technology 3
HTHTEK 133 Medical Terminology 3
COAT 082 Microcomputer Software Survey in the Office 3
HTHTEK 106 Hospitals Ethics and Law* 2
HTHTEK 134 Introduction to Pathology** 3
HTHTEK 108 Introduction to Pharmacology** 1
Second Semester
HTHTEK 103 Introduction to Basic Coding* 3
HTHTEK 215 Inpatient Coding and Abstracting* 3
HTHTEK 110 Ambulatory Care Coding** 3
HTHTEK 200 Healthcare Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management** (Fall 2020) 2
Third Semester
HTHTEK 202 Directed Practice for Coding Specialists* 1

Fourth Semester (Spring Only)
HTHTEK 2016 Interventional Radiology Coding* 3

*Has a prerequisite.
**Has a corequisite.


Fall 2022 enrollment application deadline is June 30, 2022.

Email: @email to request for an application.
Mandatory Orientation for the Fall 2022 Semester is on August 6, 2022.

Spring 2023 enrollment application deadline is December 31, 2022.

Email: @email to request for an application.
Mandatory Orientation for the Spring 2023 Semester is on January 7, 2023.

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Office Hours and Location

Dept. Location: G5-211L


Monica Thurston, Ed. S., MBA, RHIA
Department Chair, Allied Health
Program Director, Health Information Technology, Medical Assistant, and Health Occupations

Email: @email
Phone: (323) 780-6802
Google Voice Number: (562) 980-5185