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Degrees and Certificates

Environmental Studies: Biology, Associate in Arts Degree

The Environmental Studies: Biology Program is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary course of study that presents an overview of environmental biology issues and studies the interrelationship between biology and the environment. The curriculum prepares students to deal with the com-plex environmental problems that confront society by pro-viding a broad, basic understanding of how physical, biological and human components of the environment interact. The degree’s core courses examine the relationship between nature and social systems. Furthermore, they introduce students to the interplay between natural and social systems, and the ideological foundations of humankind’s attitudes and behaviors with respect to their ever-changing environments. The courses are designed to equip students with necessary lab skills that involve the scientific method, and the critical understanding of the interrelationship between science and nature; helping students to be more avid in the studying and solving of environmental problems that deal with biological science matters. Specifically, this program uses an interdisciplinary approach to introduce students to an overview of environmental biology issues from a variety of perspectives; preparing students to research, analyze, and propose solutions to the different and intricate environmental challenges that the world may face.

Transfer: Biology, Associate of Science Degree (AS-T)

The Biology Associate in Science for Transfer Degree (AS-T) provides students with the common core of lower division courses required to transfer and pursue a baccalaureate degree in Biology. Upon Successful completion of the major courses, students are well prepared for upper division biology courses and be qualified as transfer students to pursue careers in agriculture, health, research, consulting, biomedical sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and teaching.

Transfer: Public Health, Associate of Science Degree (AS-T)

The Associate Degree for Transfer in Public Health trains students to explore and understand the complex and dynamic - environmental, social, economic, behavioral and political influences on human and population health at the local community, national and global level. Upon the completion of the program, students are well prepared for advanced studies, to pursue careers in public health agencies and community health education in public schools, community clinics, hospitals and medical centers. The program is designed to provide students in health sciences majors, a transfer pathway to the CSU for the completion of baccalaureate degree.

Health Sciences Certificate – Nursing Assistant

The Health Sciences Certificate: Nursing Assistant is a program of study intended to provide students with the minimum academic competencies to matriculate at accredited nursing schools as well as seek employment as a nursing assistant or home health aide. The program prepares future nurses for further study by providing basic nursing competencies including human form and function, fundamentals of chemistry, basic pathophysiology, spread and control of infectious diseases, human behavioral psychology, and life-span psychology.

Biotechnology Certificate – Career Technical Education

The Biotechnology Certificate provides basic knowledge and training to find employment in the biotechnology sector; including biomanufacturing, project management, quality assurance, and quality control. Students will learn industry standard communication protocols, regulations, and procedures. The laboratory component will focus on common laboratory techniques such as media preparation, microbiology, detection assays, and chromatography. Student will also get professional development training to apply for positions in biotech, such as resume/CV building and interview skills. This certificate program will give students the necessary skills and experience they need to transition to the workforce in biotechnology.

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