Talk with our Counselors

Counseling services are available in the Adult/Education Noncredit Program. You may contact Counselor Jennifer Tang by one of the following methods:

  • scheduling an appointment with her through the counseling website
  • email your questions, contact phone number and student ID number to, or
  • visit E1-127 on Monday-Thursday from 12:00-2:30pm.

Counseling meetings can be on campus, on the phone or video. Counseling services include:

  1. Noncredit class and major planning
  2. Noncredit to credit transition
  3. Financial aid overview
  4. High school education: GED/Hi-Set test requirement
  5. Campus Resources

For Spanish-speaking counseling meetings, please contact Counselor Emilio Flores by emailing Counselor Emilio's drop-in counseling schedule can be found below.

Campus Day Time Room
South Gate Tuesday 10-7pm Main Office
South Gate Wednesday 10-2pm Main Office
Monterey Park Friday 10-12pm E3-100