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Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Did you know you can use your FINANCIAL AID money to finance your study abroad trip? The best way to do this is to plan ahead so if you don’t have financial aid yet, apply as soon as possible. A complete financial aid application takes at least 30 days to process. If your application is incomplete, there will be a delay!

There are a few things you must know about how you can use financial aid to pay for your trip:

  1. You must sustain a 2.0 GPA (C average) to be eligible for financial aid throughout the school year.
  2. You must be taking at least 6 units of coursework the semester you are granted financial aid.
  3. If you are not on Financial Aid and you would like to participate in a summer study abroad program, apply for financial aid during the spring semester before your trip. Likewise, if you wish to participate during a winter study abroad, apply for financial aid during the fall semester before your trip.
  4. You may use your fee waiver to pay for your tuition to the institution granting credit (i.e. ELAC).
    1. If you participate in a summer study abroad, you will have to use the fee waiver from the following school year. For example, if you attend the 2015 summer program, you will use the fee waiver granted to you during the following 2015-2016 school year.
    2. If you participate in a winter study abroad, you can use the fee waiver granted to you the same school year. For example, if you attend a 2016 winter program, you may use the fee waiver granted to you during the 2015-2016 school year.
  5. Since summer study abroad programs will require you to make your payments in the middle of spring semester, you will need to use financial aid funds granted to you the school year beforeyou leave on the trip.
  6. Manage your funds! You can always save money from each semester granted to you and budget for your trip.
  7. When you apply for financing of your study abroad, make sure you take a class that is a part of your Student Educational Plan. The course, for example, might be a part of your major or it might allow you to satisfy a UC/CSU requirement.

If you have any questions, please visit the Financial Aid office in E1-173 and ask to speak with Alouette Cervantes-Salazar, the designated counselor who can offer advice to students on financing study abroad programs.

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Due to COVID-19, most Study Abroad Programs are currently on hold. However, the summer study abroad program in Paris is happening this summer 2022! Please contact Prof. Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg for more information:

Keep checking back periodically for updates on study abroad programs.

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