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Career Development Services

Job Placement Program and Career Development Services for E&T students

Embracing and Leveraging Opportunities through ELAC's AJCC Program

Portrait of  Jaime and William
Mr. Jaime Rivas an AJCC ELAC representative with Mr. William Jang an E&T student

Internship Experience 

Engineering Students Internship and Job Placement Form

Greetings E&T Students. To better serve the employment needs of our engineering and technology students, the department is kindly requesting the following personal information, and information regarding the student's academic & work experience. The purpose of this information is to identify E&T students that successfully match the job requirements to what an employer is looking for in terms of personal and technical skill sets. If you have any questions please contact our AJCC contact, Diana Ynostros at or chairperson, Humberto Galleogs at Thank you.

Internship Job Placement Form

Contact Information


Dept. Location: E7-104


Humberto A. Gallegos, PhD, PE, LSIT, M.CLSA
Email: @email
Phone: (323) 265-8832