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  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent: Persons who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and meet the basic eligibility requirement for admission to any public California two-year community college.
  2. Non-High School Graduates or Equivalent: Persons who do not possess a high school diploma or its equivalent but who meet additional criteria are also eligible for admission if in the judgment of the College Admissions Officer they are capable of profiting from the instruction offered.
  3. Persons who are eighteen (18) years of age.
  4. Persons who are apprentices, as defined by Section 3077 of the California Labor Code.
  5. Persons in grades K-12, under special circumstances.

Information regarding other eligibility criteria and/or admission procedures is available in the Office of Admissions and Records.



New and Returning Students will need to submit a completed Admission Application in order to receive an appointment to register. Applications are available:

  • New Student - Person who has never attended East Los Angeles College.
  • Returning Student - Person who has previously attended East Los Angeles College or any other LACCD college but has not attended the last two regular semesters. (Spring and Fall).
  • Continuing Student - Person who has attended East Los Angeles or any other LACCD College within the last two semesters.
  • Online - You may apply on-line at CCCAPPLY



Adding Classes Before ;the Semester Begins: You may add classes online until the Sunday before the start of a session/semester.

Adding Classes After the Semester Begins: You must obtain approval from the instructor on the first day of class.

  • Permission Number - If there is space available you need to request a permission number directly from the instructor on the first day of class.

Complete the enrollment by adding the course online through the Student Information Portal. You will not be able to add online after the last day to add deadline. You must visit the Admissions and Records Office E1-121 for late add petition.

All registration forms must be submitted to Admissions by the posted add deadline (see Acaemic Calendar Deadlines).

Dropping Before and After the Semester Begins: You may Drop classes through the Student Information System until the last day to drop with a "W". There are three deadlines for dropping courses.

  • Dropping without a "W" - (No record - 20% of the term): Students who drop from a course before the end of 20% of the term will not have the course recorded on their transcript.
  • Dropping with a "W" - (W is recorded - 75% of the term): Students who drop from a course between 30% and 75% of the term will have notation of "W" (withdrawal) recorded for the dropped course on their transcript. Excessive "W" grades may lead to academic dismissal.
  • Dropping with a "Grade" - (Grade required - After 75% of the term): Students who remain in a course beyond 75% are not permitted to drop a class. Grades shall be recorded by the instructor based on the grade average of the student during the period of attendance. Students may receive a failing grade in any course when they stop attending class and do not officially drop the class.

Dropping Short Term Classes: All short term classes have shorter deadlines than a full term class. Please contact the admissions office or your instructor about specific deadlines.



Students may be permitted to audit a class under the following conditions:

  • Complete an admissions application and be authorized to register in the college.
  • Obtain the permission of the instructor of the class and agree that any participation in class activities by a student auditor will be solely at the discretion of the instructor, who may provide the auditor a written statement of the extent of participation allowed beyond observation.
  • Pay an audit fee of $15 per unit.
  • Students enrolled in ten or more credit units shall not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer semester units.
  • Students who drop below the ten units of credit classes within the first two weeks will be subject to the audit fee.
  • Pay for instructional materials or other services which the student auditor uses in the class. (See Materials Fee List).

Auditors may not take priority over students desiring to take a course for credit.



The College reserves the right to discontinue any class with insufficient enrollment.



In arranging a study list, the student should take full advantage of the advising and counseling service available before and during registration. Careful planning will facilitate progress through a curriculum with maximum learning and minimum difficulty. A student who intends to transfer to another college or university should consult the catalog of that institution. The Transfer Requirements section of this catalog gives general education requirements for the California State University and Colleges, and breadth requirements for the University of California, Los Angeles, as nearly as could be determined at the time of publication of this catalog. Requirements for the various majors at California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of California, Los Angeles, are also given.



It is the students' obligation to know and meet course prerequisites. These requirements are indicated following the course name and number. If prerequisites have been met at another college, student must file a "Prerequisite Completion Petition" with official transcripts or assessment results with the Counseling Department ten days prior to the start of session/semester.



Students who wish to challenge prerequisites or corequisites must file a "Prerequisite or Corequiste Challenge Petition" by the deadline date with documentation sufficient to support the challenge. In keeping with requirements and provisions of Section 55201(f) of Title 5 and Section I.B. 1-3 of the Los Angeles Community College District Model Policy. East Los Angeles College has established a procedure by which any student who does not meet a prerequisite or corequisite, or who is not permitted to enroll due to a campus limitation on enrollment, but who provides satisfactory evidence, may seek entry into the class according to the college's challenge process.

The grounds for student challenges (According to Section 55201(e) of Title 5.)

  • Student has the appropriate documented knowledge or experience or ability to succeed in the course for which the prerequisite or corequisite is specified.
  • Requirement (prerequisite or corequisite) was not established by adopted Los Angeles Community College District process or was established in violation of Title 5.
  • Requirement is unlawfully discriminating or applied in an unlawful discriminatory manner;
  • Student will be delayed in completing the students educational objectives by a semester or more in fulfilling the requirements for a degree or certificate because the prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available.
    • Student will be delayed in completing educational objectives by a semester or more in fulfilling the requirements for a degree and/or certificate because the prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available (documentation must be provided).
    • Alternative course to fulfill degree or certificate requirements are not available.
    • Student has the appropriate documentation to show that they do not pose a health or safety threat to to others or themselves in a course for which a health or safety prerequisite is specified.
  • Student will be delayed in completing his/her educational goals by a semester or more in fulfilling the requirements for a degree or certificate because course enrollment was limited to students judged more qualified in intercollegiate competition, honors, or public performance or enrollment was limited to a particular cohort of students. Student filed an Educational Plan and specified an educational goal after having completed 15 units of college work with satisfactory academic progress.



  1. A student may challenge a prerequisite or corequisite by filing a Prerequisite or Corequisite Challenge Petition with the discipline department Chair. his form can be obtained from the Forms or on the Office of Admissions (E6-103).
  2. The completed challenge petition and any and all appropriate documentation (e.g. transcripts, verifications of experience, etc.) must be filed no later than 10 working days before a semester or summer session begins with the office of Admissions.
  3. The challenge petition will be processed within 10 working days of its receipt, and the student notified accordingly.
  4. If the challenge is found to be justified, and no space is available in the course at the time the challenge is filed, the student shall be permitted to enroll for the next term. Enrollment will be permitted only if space is available when the student registers for the subsequent semester, or summer session.
  5. In the event the challenge is denied the student may appeal the decision directly in writing to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Appeal forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs.
  6. Notification of the appeal decision will be sent to the student within four working days after its receipt by the Office of Academic Affairs.



Concurrent enrollment in more than one section of the same course during a semester is not permitted, with the exception of certain Physical Education classes on a limited basis.

Concurrent enrollment in courses which are cross-referenced to each other is not permitted (i.e., courses designated ''same as'' in the District Directory of Educational Programs and Courses).

Violation of this regulations will result in exclusion from class and denial of course credit in both courses.

Enrolling in classes scheduled or conducted during overlapping times is not permitted. In addition to exclusion from both classes and denial of credits, violators will be subject to disciplinary action (See Standards of Student Conduct).



A picture ID must be presented for all cash and credit card refunds, and check pick-up.

For Full Term Courses: A student will receive a full refund of the enrollment fee up to the refund deadline (see semester calendar). Thereafter, no refund is authorized, except when college action to cancel or reschedule a class necessitates the drop. Please note that after the refund deadline there will be absolutely no refunds.

For Short Term Classes: A student will receive a full refund up to the end of a period of time equal to 10% of the total class time. Please contact the admissions office or your instructor regarding drop dates. There will be no refunds after that time, unless a student must drop a class because it was canceled or rescheduled by the college administration.

For Non-Resident Tuition: For Non-Resident Tuition Refunds of tuition paid by non-resident students enrolled in full term or short term courses are governed by the same policies, respectively, as are indicated above. A non-resident student who formally drops or otherwise separates from part or all of his/her enrollment may request a refund of previously paid non-resident tuition in accordance with these policies. Such requests must be made in writing on a form provided by the District. The date used for non-resident refund purposes is the date on which such requests are filed and time stamped, regardless of when separation may have occurred. All non-resident refunds will be made by mail.

For Parking Fee: Refunds for parking permits are given for permits returned to the Fiscal Office within the first two weeks of the semester.

For Health Center and Associated Student Union Fees: For Health Center and Associated Student Union Fees Refunds for the health center and/or associated student fees are made only for students who withdraw entirely from the college by dropping all their active units within the first two weeks of the semester. Students who withdraw after the end of the first two weeks will not be given a refund.



East Los Angeles College welcomes students from all over the world. We invite international students to take advantage of the many opportunities the college offers, both academically and socially. With over 700 students from 45 countries, East Los Angeles College's International Student body presents many opportunities for sharing and understanding other cultures, which can be an important part of the educational process.

All applicants for F-1 status must provide the following documents:

  1. Completed International Student application
  2. Minimum TOEFL score of 45, or IELTS 5.0 or iTEP 3.5
  3. Most recent three years of qualifying examination result and/or certificate
  4. One passport-sized photo
  5. Affidavit of support
  6. Confidential financial statement
  7. US $50.00 money order, non refundable processing fee made out to ELAC-ISO
  8. Medical insurance, may be purchased at the beginning of the school year

Upon receipt of the above mentioned, a decision is made regarding acceptance. If the application is approved, an immigration form I-20 will be issued to the candidate. Immigration regulations.htms require that all F-1 (student) visa holders must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units and a 2.00 grade point average (C) each semester. Failure to comply with the above will jeopardize your F-1 student visa status.

Additional information regarding International Student admission or immigration regulations.htms may be obtained at the International Student Office (Building G1, Room 101) in the Student Services Building or by telephoning 1-323-265-8796 or 1-323-260-8192 fax or email: @email



The dictionary defines "matriculation" as the process of being admitted and enrolled into a college, but under California laws, matriculation has a special meaning: It means that you, and the faculty and staff of the community college you attend, agree to work together to achieve your educational aspirations.

Under the matriculation agreement, you agree to attend your classes regularly, do your homework and related class assignments, participate in class activities, and decide upon an educational goal and major within a reasonable time after you first enroll. In return, the faculty and staff agree to help you succeed by providing the following minimum services:

  1. Assisting you to fill-out the college application and other college forms;
  2. Assessing your basic math and English skills in order to help you decide which courses to take;

(The PDF file needs Acrobat Reader. Please click here (Link opens a new browser widow) to get it if you do not have it in your system)

Note: Please do not worry that your scores on the math and English assessment tests might prevent you from attending college. Test results are used by the college's staff only to help you select the English and/or math classes that best correspond to your skills so you can be a successful student.

  1. Providing an orientation which welcomes and introduces you to the college;
  2. Counseling and advising you in preparing your Student Educational Plan (known as the SEP). This plan basically consists of the educational goal and major which you intend to pursue, the classes you expect to take in order to achieve your goal and major, and the student services you expect to use in order to help you complete your college program;
  3. Helping you register for classes in accordance with the steps described later in this section, which include paying your fees. If you are qualified, the college will also help you obtain financial aid, which will pay most of the fees for you;
  4. Following-up your progress in order to reinforce your success, and providing special help if you run into problems that interfere with your success;
  5. Conducting a program of research and evaluation to make sure the services you receive are effective in helping you be a successful student at East Los Angeles College.

Exemptions - All categories of students are expected to participate in the matriculation process by filing the college application, preparing a Student Educational Plan, registering for classes, and participating in follow-up. However, some students may be exempted from the assessment, orientation, or counseling aspects of the matriculation process if one or more of the following apply:

  • The student already possess an AA degree or higher from an accredited college or university;
  • The student has participated in the matriculation process at another California Community College and presents scores from the respective college;
  • The student's program is deemed to be non-academic.

If you meet these conditions you can ask to be exempted from the assessment, orientation, and/or counseling aspects of the matriculation process. However, we encourage you to go through the whole matriculation process.



Unless specifically exempted by law, every course for which state aid is claimed is fully open to any person who has been admitted to the college and who meets the appropriate academic prerequisites.



In cooperation with a counselor, students should carefully plan their academic programs. Students may enroll in any course offered by the College for which prerequisites specified in the catalog course description are met. A maximum of 18 units or 21 units with approval.

Full-Time Definition A study program of 12 units or more is considered a full time study program.

Minimum study loads for specific programs:

  1. Veterans and veterans' dependents: 12 units, plus physical education activity course.
  2. Social security benefits: 12 units.
  3. Foreign Students (F-1 visa): 12 units plus physical education activity course. Day classes only.
  4. Athletes: 12 academic units.

The Veterans Administration uses the following definition for eligibility:

  • full-time 12 or more units
  • 3/4 benefits 9 through 11 units
  • 1/2 benefits 6 through 8 units

Any change in a Veteran's status whether it be increase, decrease, or complete withdrawal should be brought to the immediate attention of the Veterans affairs clerk in the Office of Admissions. The Social Security Office is given notice by the Admissions and Records office when the status of a student receiving benefits is changed.



California Residence Requirement to attend any of the Los Angeles Community Colleges as a resident of California, a student is required to have been a California resident for more than one year immediately preceding the Residence Determination Date. The Residence Determination Date is that day immediately preceding the opening day of instruction of the semester or summer session.

Non-Resident - A non-resident student is one who has not had residence in the State of California for more than one year immediately preceding the Residence Determination Date. Physical presence alone is not sufficient to establish California residency nor is intent when not coupled with continuous physical presence in the State. Certain non-U.S. citizens are permitted to establish residency and certain others are not. Check with the Admissions Office regarding your particular status.

A student classified as a non-resident will be required to pay non-resident tuition fees as established by the District Board of Trustees.

Residence Reclassification Students who have been classified as non-residents must petition to be reclassified as residents at any time as they feel their status has changed. The Residence Reclassification form is available in the Admissions Office and must be submitted prior to the semester in which reclassification as a resident is to be effective.

Residence Appeal A student may appeal the residence classification determined by the college. The appeal must be made within 30 calendar days of receipt of notification of the residence classification from the Admissions Office. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the college Admissions Officer who will forward it to the District Residency Appeal Officer.

Exemption of Nonresident Tuition

Education Code section 68075.6 grants an immediate nonresident tuition fee exemption to eligible Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and refugee students living in California. The nonresident tuition fee exemption is granted for one year from the date the individual began living in California.

The exemption applies to the following:

  • Iraqi citizens or nationals (and their spouse and children) who were employed by or on behalf of the United States Government in Iraq (Pub. L. No 110-181, & 1244)
  • Afghan and Iraqi translators (and their spouses and children) who worked directly with the United States Armed Forces (Pub. L. No. 109-163 &1059)
  • Afghanistan nationals who were employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government or in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan (Pub. L. No 111-8 & 602)
  • Refugee students admitted to the United States under Section 1157 of Title 8 of the United States Code

To apply for a Special Immigrant Visa holder or refugee nonresident tuition fee exemption, please visit the Admissions & Records Office and complete a Supplemental Residency Questionnaire. You must demonstrate both physical presence in California and provide documentation of your Special Immigrant Visa or refugee status.



  • Continuing students: Will automatically be assigned a registration appointment. Check the Student Information Portal for registration appointments. 
  • New and Returning Students: Will be issued a registration appointment upon submission of admissions application.

Registration appointment date and time may be checked on-line by logging on to the Student Information System Check Your Registration Appointment 



The Los Angeles Community College District maintains a student record system that uses the social security number to identify an individual's records. However, if students do not wish to report their social security number, an alternate identification number will be assigned by the college.



Student Tuition & Fees:
  Enrollment Fee $ 46.00 per Unit
  Fee for Out-of-State Non-Resident $ 197.00 per Unit
  Fee for Residents of a Foreign Country and/or F-1 VISA (International Student) $ 222.00 per Unit
  Non-resident capital outlay fee: $ 25.00 per unit
  International Student Medical Insurance $ 618.00
  International SEVIS Fee $ 25.00
Health Fee: Spring and Fall Semester $ 11.00
  Winter and Summer Semester $ 8.00
  Auditing Fee $ 15.00 per Unit
ASU Fee: Spring and Fall $ 7.00
  Winter & Summer $ 3.00
  Representation Fee $ 1.00
Parking (ASU):
Spring and Fall
Winter and Summer
Stadium Parking: Spring and Fall $ 20.00
  Winter and Summer $ 7.00

Note: The information about fees given below is subject to change without notice due to state budget uncertainties that were present at the time this document was published.

Resident Fees: California residents will be required to pay $46.00 per unit. For example, if you take 10 units, the total cost will be $460.

Non-California Resident Fees: U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident Card holders who have lived in California for less than a year will be required to pay a non-resident tuition fee of $282.00 per unit plus an enrollment fee of $46.00 for a total of $328.00 per unit.

2021-22 Fees: $299 per unit plus enrollment fee of $46 per unit

Foreign Resident Fees: Fee for Residents of a Foreign Country Students with Visas which require residency in the country granting the visa will be required to pay a non-resident tuition fee of $282.00 per unit plus an enrollment fee of $46 for a total of $328 per unit. Students on F-1 Visa also pay a $50.00 International SEVIS fee per semester, and a mandatory $761 months health insurance fee.

Health Fee: The Los Angeles Community College District charges an $19 per semester (and an $16.00 per Summer/Winter Session) mandatory Health Fee payable at one Los Angeles Community College District campus only to cover the costs of the Student Health Center. Students may be exempt if they are enrolled in off-campus classes or for religious reasons. Contact the Vice President of Student Services Office for exemption procedures. (323) 265-8779.

Parking Fee:

  1. Regular Parking Permit: Regular Parking fee is $20.00 for Spring and Fall semesters and $7.00 for Winter and Summer sessions. This entitles you to park in the Stadium lot, North and South Avalanche roads, and B2 lot (See parking map). You may pay the parking fee and obtain the parking permit from the Fiscal Office.
  2. ASU Parking Permit: ASU permit is $27 for Spring and Fall semesters and $10 for Winter and Summer sessions. This entitles you to park in the ASU lot, the Multi-Level parking structure, the Stadium lot, North and South Avalanche roads, and B2 lot.
  3. One Day Parking Permit: One day parking permit fee is $2 and are available a the middle section of the Stadium lot and on the northeast side of the Lower Soccer Field. Parking permits are only valid at the Stadium lot, North and South Avalance roads, and B2 lot.

Associated Students Union Fee: The ASU fee is $7.00 per semester. This fee is voluntary and entitles you to participation in student organization activities and, in conjunction with paying the parking fee, it further entitles you to first come-first serve parking in the ASU lot, discounts to ELAC sports and other on-campus events, amusement park discounts, and other discounts at local commercial establishments. The ASU sticker cannot be refunded.

Instructional Materials Fee: Students may be required to pay for instructional and other materials required for some courses. Such materials shall be of continuing value to a student outside of the classroom setting and shall not be solely or exclusively available from the District.

Note: If these new fees create a financial hardship for you, contact the Financial Aid Office, C2 - 3, (323) 265-8738 to determine if you qualify for assistance.


Admission Announcements

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