$25,000 in Grocery & Food Gift Cards Plus Over $5000 in Rent Assistance Donated by East Los Angeles College Foundation

February 13, 2023

By Armond Aghakhanian

MONTEREY PARK, CA- East Los Angeles College Foundation (ELACF) recently donated $25,000 worth of Ralphs/Food 4 Less and Taco Bell gift cards to students and their families facing food insecurity and over $5000 to students facing housing insecurity.

This donation comes from a generous grant from The Joseph Drown Foundation, the Foundation for Los Angeles Community Colleges, ELAC Foundation Transforming Lives Campaign (TLC) donors, and Taco Bell.

“We are so blessed to have acquired such significant funding that we know would be of tremendous help to these students and their families. ELACF continues its diligence to seek funding opportunities to benefit our students,” said Marissa Castro-Salvati, ELACF Board President.

“The support of the ELAC Foundation has been fundamental in helping our college meet students basic needs such as food and home insecurity. We know this change is paramount to student success, and I am proud of their hard work in making sure our student’s basic needs are met. Thank you to all the donors and those who made this a reality,” said ELAC President Alberto J. Roman.

The East Los Angeles College Foundation is dedicated to the philanthropic support of the East Los Angeles College Community and empowering the communities we serve through our commitment to student success. Through our enduring efforts, the Foundation is Transforming Lives by investing in the next generation of leaders. To learn more about the ELAC Foundation, please visit