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The Los Angeles Community College District is offering free laptops in order to continue your online studies this semester. You can apply for a Chromebook through the student portal. Once online look for the “Financial Aid & Scholarships” icon tile. Click on Scholarship and look for the laptop application option.

ELAC Foundation

CARES Act Emergency Assistance

Award: Varies (based on circumstance) up to $700.

The CARES ACT Emergency Assistance provides funding for those who incurred unusual expenses that were the result of COVID-19. Funding is limited. Awards will be first come first serve and based on those who meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • Meet the California College Promise Grant eligibility requirement
  • Have completed the FAFSA Application, Dream Act or the California College Promise Grant Application
  • Not have an over-payment from any federal grant (ie. Pell Grant) or be in default on any federal student loan
  • Be enrolled for Fall 2020 full-time (12 units or more) with at least six (6) of those units being taken at ELAC
  • Be able to provide supporting documentation of need upon request, such as pink slip, unpaid utility bills, eviction notice, etc.
  • Not have received CARES Act funding from any other educational institution.

Please click on the following link below to submit a CARES Act Emergency Assistance Grant Application:


The deadline to apply is: October 11, 2020

For any questions or problems (student log-in, application process, etc.) please send an e-mail with your complete name, e-mail address, Student ID#, along with your question to: @email


Due to the "Stay at Home" statewide directive, services will only be available via LiveChat and Email through the ConexEd portal. To connect with one of our VRC Staff members click here:

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