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Are you looking for a career that offers action, excitement, great pay and benefits, and a chance to make a difference in your community? A career in the criminal justice system is what you're looking for! For many of our students, this career is a life-long dream. Enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable faculty will assist and guide you every step of the way. ELAC uses its contacts and resources with leading criminal justice professionals to make sure our graduates are among the best-prepared and well educated applicants for jobs in the criminal justice system. Specialized career majors include a law emphasis, Chemical Dependency Specialist, custody, crime scene and fingerprint classification as well as patrol and preparation for police academy training.

Success = Great Teachers

The award-winning ELAC Administration of Justice faculty has decades of first-hand experience in the criminal justice system, as well as a burning desire to help our students achieve their educational and career goals. Our faculty constantly attends seminars and workshops to upgrade their knowledge of the ever-changing field. A diverse and dedicated Advisory Committee comprised of professionals from county and municipal police agencies, county probation, state parole and private security forms works with our staff to ensure that our students receive education and career guidance second to none.

Success = High Tech Classrooms

Classes are held in "smart classrooms" equipped with computer-based presentation material that enhances the educational experience of our students. Faculty utilize videos, practical applications, hands-on experiences like tours of police training academies, jails, museums, as well as hosting diverse and knowledgeable guest speakers. A fully equipped police patrol car donated by the LA County Sheriff's Department is used in the instruction of police procedures and techniques. Our new certificate, Forensic Crime Scene Investigation, uses state-of-the-art equipment to prepare graduates for this cutting-edge field.

Success = University Transfer

An ELAC associate's degree and completion of lower division university academic requirements prepare graduates to transfer to the Criminal Justice program at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). Some criminal justice agencies such as the FBI require a four-year degree for entry-level employees. An ELAC associate's degree allows graduates to apply for most state-level criminal justice agencies and private security positions, although university graduates may receive a higher salary and accelerated advancement opportunities.

Success = Career Connections

Employment opportunities within the criminal justice system are at an all-time high, including career paths in law enforcement, police services, airport security, police support services, correctional services, probation, parole, as well as retail and private security. Our award-winning program offers several unique and valuable certificates including Chemical Dependency Specialist, Fingerprint Classification, Public Safety Dispatcher, Traffic Investigator, and many others. Our faculty and Advisory Committee work together to guide our students into internships and full-time employment after graduation.

Success = Student Club

The Administration of Justice Student Club has over 100 enthusiastic members and is active at both the main ELAC campus and the South Gate Educational Center. Club members enjoy field trips and guest speakers, as well as spearheading charitable works, such as a toy drive for underprivileged children. Over the past seven years, the AJ Student Club has raised and awarded scholarships valued at more than $20,000 to help deserving students continue their education.

Success Costs Less @ ELAC

Tuition is low, less than $400 per semester for a full time student who is a California resident. Plus, we make it easier for working students to attend classes by providing support services such as loans, financial aid, childcare, tutoring, scholarships, health care and more.

Admission is Easy

Anyone 18 years or older qualifies for admission to East Los Angeles College. People under 18 qualify if they graduated from high school or have passed the California High School Proficiency Test. High school students may concurrently enroll at ELAC with the consent of their parents and high school and get an early start on their college education and pay no tuition.

Applications and information to register for day and evening classes are available by calling 323-265-8966.