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As an important component of the successful operation of a business, the Business Department offers a course in the Elements of Supervision.  Businesses both large and small require teams to work together, and often times those teams need a supervisor or manager to make sure the operation runs smoothly.  An introductory course, the student will learn elements of the responsibilities of a supervisor, human relations, training, management-employee relations, among many other topics.  As an example of its importance, the course in Elements of Supervision can be a component of Associate Degrees in Accounting, Business Management and Marketing.  So if you have the desire to learn about supervising others to ensure the successful operation of a business, then a course in Supervision will be a great first step.

Supervision Courses


This course is a basic introductory course covering, in general terms, the total responsibilities of a supervisor in industry, such as organization, duties and responsibilities, human relations, grievances, training, rating, promotion, quality-quantity control, management-employee rela­tions, and related topics.