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The Modern Languages Department at East LA College is committed to the teaching of languages, literatures, and cultures as an indispensable part of a curriculum that aims to foster linguistic and communicative competence in order to compete in a highly interconnected world. By adhering to student-centered teaching, we hope to develop the skills and instill the values necessary for students to pursue life-long learning as essential to their personal and professional development. Our programs promote multilingualism as a valuable tool necessary to operate effectively in our global context. Most importantly, our courses can serve as a platform that allows students to see themselves as stewards of the rich linguistic and cultural landscape that characterizes Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

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Eldy Dean, Chair

Contact Information

Chairperson Email Phone # Office
Prof. Eldy Dean deanec@elac.edu (323) 780-6840 E3-100E
Alejandra Pallares pallara@elac.edu (323) 780-6798 E3-100E
American Sign Language
Dr. Tomás García garciat@elac.edu (323) 780-6841 E3-100E
Prof. Nicholas Zerlentes zerlennp@elac.edu (323) 780-6748 E3-100E
Prof. Rongwen Liu liur@elac.edu (323) 780-6839 E3-100E
Dr. Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg vogelzlc@elac.edu (323) 415-5022 E3-100E
Prof. Hiroko Furuyama Chao furuyah@elac.edu (323) 265-8871 E3-100E
Prof. Sanae Jennings jenninse@elac.edu (323) 780-6749 E3-100E
Prof. Elva Hernández hernanel@elac.edu (323) 265-8872 E3-100E
Prof. Sara Maga magasl@elac.edu (323) 780-6745 E3-100E
Prof. Othón Olivas olivaso@elac.edu (323) 780-6803 E3-100E
Dr. Norma Vega vegan@elac.edu (323) 780-6799 E3-100E
Dr. Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg vogelzlc@elac.edu (323) 415-5022 E3-100E
Prof. Nora Zepeda zepedans@elac.edu (323) 568-5805 SGEC-119