Pauletta Daw - Distance Education Coordinator


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  • I started teaching at Moorpark College in spring 1980. I taught a variety of physical fitness courses, health courses and I was the Women’s Tennis Coach. During the summer I ran a swim school from my home. 60 children a day came through my swim school doors. I even taught one of our adjunct faculties little one for two summers. I was at Moorpark College for 19 years until I started teaching here at East in 1999.

    My field of expertise was in Health and Physical Education. Opportunity arose in our department to pilot our department’s first online class which by the way Kerrin McMahan was the DE Coordinator at the time. The PACE program soon contacted our department to offer Health online classes. I was asked to be the coordinator between our office, the PACE office and East PACE students. Online classes under the direction of Kerrin then Wendy expanded and is continuing to expand. I have been the DE Coordinator Since Feb. 2011 and find the area of online education so valuable to our students.

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Juan Chacón - Multimedia Specialist / Technology Trainer

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  • Juan works in Distance Education and wears many hats. He collaborates with college faculty and staff in the creation of instructional multimedia used for online course management systems, web-based courseware, web sites, information kiosks, presentations, and/or other materials in support of instructional programs.

    He produces, edits, and compresses audio and video for multiple delivery formats.

    As a technology trainer, Juan provides technical software training to the college's faculty and staff on a variety of hardware platforms and software applications. Additionally, he trains adjunct and tenured professors how to teach online using the college's learning management system (LMS).

    He provides technical support for the college's official LMS (Canvas), which the campus uses to support its online, hybrid and web-enhanced course program. He previously provided technical support for both the Etudes and Moodle LMS' before they were discontinued. He collaborates with faculty in the development of their online courses and help students with login/tech issues, LMS questions or in communicating with various people.

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Mei-Lee Wan - Online Technical Support Assistant

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  • Mei is the newest member in Distance Education since June 2016. Despite being new to working with Learning Management System (LMS), she survived her first months at ELAC as the college transition from using Etudes and Moodle to Canvas as its official LMS. She quickly learned what a LMS is and start troubleshooting students with login issues and providing solutions to faculty with their inquiries: migrating Etudes content to Canvas, adding grade book entries, importing question banks to courses and utilize them in quizzes, setting up student evaluations with off-site data collecting capability, accessing course related information using the Canvas API written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and more.

    Other than the geeky left-brained problem solving and analytical thinking that Mei excels in as an Applied Math and Computing alumni from UCLA, she also proves she’s equally right-brain talented as she incorporates creativity in her work. She is the design extraordinaire in her office and has been the go-to designer of party invitations, promotional event posters, holiday greeting cards, and other visuals that enhance the techie office operations.

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