ACE Account Details:

Faculty and Students are automatically assigned an ACE account which provides access to all ACE systems. The ACE systems include campus local area wireless (Wi-Fi), computer labs, campus-wide printing (GoPrint), positive attendance tracking (CI Track/CI Track Web), and student referral (CI Track).

All students who are enrolled in at least one class, except for Non-Credit & Community Services classes, are automatically assigned an ACE account.

Your username is the same as the Student ID number which starts with 88 and is a 9-digit number. For example, a student named John M. Smith with student ID number 881234567 and born on January 8, 19##, would have the following account information: Username: 881234567

The password starts with "Elac," and is followed by the month and day of the student's birthday using this format ElacMMDD. Note that the "E" must be capitalized. In the example above, the student has a birthday of January 8 and the password would be as follows: Password: Elac0108