As of January 2020, the English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment test is no longer offered at East Los Angeles College. ELAC has implemented a new ESL assessment process known as ESL Guided Self-Placement. English Learners that would like to enroll in ESL courses are invited to participate in this new assessment process.

ESL Guided Self-Placement

The ESL Guided Self-Placement process does not consist of taking a test. This new process involves completing a survey where students are asked questions about their educational background in studying the English language. Students are also asked to describe their abilities to speak, write and read in English. The ESL survey consists of 9 multiple-choice questions. ESL course placements are based on student responses.

To participate in the ESL Guided Self-Placement process, please visit the Assessment Center during our regular Office Hours shown on the right. Please note that this new ESL assessment process can only be completed in person at the Assessment Center and cannot be completed online.

Policies & Procedures

  1. The ESL Guided Self-Placement process is available on a walk-in basis. No appointment necessary.
  2. Students must present a valid photo ID and ELAC Student ID Number (i.e. 88-123-4567 or 90-000-1234).
  3. The use of Dictionaries or Translators is not allowed.

Examples of valid ID

  1. California ID or Driver License
  2. Passport (U.S. or Foreign)
  3. High School ID
  4. College/University ID
  5. Permanent Resident Card

Please note that a photocopy or picture of an ID is NOT accepted.