Thank you for your interest in the NextUP/CAFYES program! Below is a guided step-by-step process to joining.

  1. Enroll at East Los Angles College (ELAC)

    If you are not yet a current East Los Angeles College student, the first step is to enroll in the college. If you need help, visit our office and we can help you with the admissions process. Or, you can start the process on your own by completing the on-line East Los Angeles College Application for Admission and following the enrollment steps that follow the application.

    Get started at ELAC, Click on the ELAC link create an account and fill out the requested information. After applying to ELAC, you will receive an email with your Student ID number.

  2. Contact a NextUP/CAFYES Staff member

    Once you have enrolled at ELAC, contact our office to see what services you are eligible for by emailing us at or by calling EOPS at 323-268-8769. A dedicated staff member will walk you through the entire process from applying to financial aid, EOPS and enrolling into courses approved by a counselor.

  3. Verify Your Status as a Foster Youth

    To receive NextUP/CAFYES services, you will need to verify your status as a current or former foster youth. To do so, you will need to provide us with your Ward of the Court (WOC) Letter. You can request one by calling the Foster Care Ombudsman’s Office at 1(877) 846-1602 or by calling the Foster Care Support Services Bureau at 1(916)651-7465. If you are unable to obtain a WOC with your permission a NextUP/CAFYES staff will obtain one for you.