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Ask an EOPS Counselor a question

Use the E-mail an EOPS Counselor service for questions about:

  • College procedures, policies, graduation, and transfer process
  • Certificate, degree, and transfer requirements
  • Course prerequisite information
  • Course offerings and majors available
  • Referrals to other programs and services
  • Transferability of ELAC courses

We cannot schedule counseling appointments through this form. For appointment information visit: Appointment and live chat with the EOPS Front Desk. Responses may take up to 3 business days. EOPS Counseling Contact credit will be given for students that submit appropriate questions.

Students that submit questions, or ask for services that cannot be done via email, such as Graduation Petitions, going below units, Leave of Absence, Updating Student Education Plan, Financial Aid Appeal etc. will be referred to make an appointment with an EOPS Counselor. To use the E-mail an EOPS Counselor service click here. fill out the form below. (change)

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