What is Stalking?

A person is being stalked when someone does something unwanted that causes the victim to feel threatened and/or fearful.

How do I know if I am being stalked?

Does this person

  • follow you or watch you?
  • approach you at inappropriate times?
  • confront you either alone or in public?
  • show up at your work or home?
  • make unwanted telephone calls or text you?
  • threaten you?
  • send you unwanted letters?
  • give you unwanted or threatening gifts?
  • send you unwanted e-mail?
  • damage your property?

What do I do if I am a victim of stalking?

Keep track of everything that happens with the person who is stalking you. Write down everything that happens. Include dates, times, locations and any exact words that you can remember. Keep any letters, notes gifts or other objects sent to you by the stalker. If you document the things the stalker does, you can help law enforcement build a stronger case and better assist you.

Click here to find out more information about how to get help if you have been a victim of stalking.