Getting Started

The Transfer Center is here to help you understand the process of transferring to a 4-year college/university. It’s important that you take courses that help you meet transfer eligibility requirements and that you get good grades to be a competitive applicant.

Minimum transfer requirements depend on following factors:

Which college/university you want to attend?

University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) campuses require a minimum of 60 transferable units. To meet the 60 transferable units, transfer students take a combination of general education (GE) and lower-division major prep courses. Visit to explore majors at the UC and CSU campuses and identify ELAC courses that count towards major prep requirements.

For more detailed information on UC transfer requirements, visit the UC Requirements Page.

For more detailed information on CSU transfer requirements, visit the CSU Requirements Page.

For private & independent college/universities, the minimum unit and GPA requirement varies for each school. Some private colleges/universities accept transfer students with fewer than 60 units and they may evaluate your high school transcripts to determine admissions decisions. 

Your Major

The amount of major prep courses depends on your major. For example, many STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) majors require more major prep courses than other majors. Also, at some campuses, your major might be impacted, which means it’s more competitive to get accepted into that major. Impacted majors often require transfer students to meet a certain GPA and take specific courses in order to be eligible for admissions.

If you are unsure about your major, visit the ELAC Career Center or take a Counseling 4 course. You can also explore available majors at UC and CSU campuses at ASSIST.

Your timeline to transfer

Once you identified schools you would like to transfer to and your major, meet with a counselor to help you develop an educational plan.

Your educational plan will factor in your major, your target schools, whether you’re attending part-time or full-time & your placement on English & Math. This will help determine how many semesters you will be taking classes at ELAC.

Your counselor can also refer you to relevant resources to help you stay on track with your classes so that you make steady progress towards transfer.