Language Lab

Benefits of Multilingualism

Why learn another language?

  1. Connect!
  2. Advance your career
  3. Feed your brain
  4. Deepen your connection to other cultures
  5. See the world -- increase your chances of living/studying abraod
  6. Navigate the Internet like a native speaker
  7. Become a polyglot
  8. Boost your confidence
  9. Strengthen your decision making
  10. Gain a broader perspective

  • Learning a new language boosts cognitive functions. A 2013 study published in International Journal of Bilingualism found that bilingual students tested higher than monolingual students in “cognitive control and problem-solving ability.”
  • Learning a new language enhances and improves memory. The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology notes that “bilingualism creates advantages in terms of cognitive abilities (including memory).”
  • Learning a new language expands your mind and worldview. It opens you up to new cultures and to the fruits of diversity.
  • Speaking a second or third language will boost confidence and increase self-esteem.
  • In a globalizing world, knowing a second or third language gives you an advantage career-wise.

According to Auburn University, “Four out of five new jobs in the US are created as a result of foreign trade,” so your “marketable skills in the global economy are improved if you master another language.”

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