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The principal objective of the Jaime Escalante Math and Science Program is to engage inner-city disadvantaged junior high and high school youths in a demanding academic regimen of pre-college and college mathematics in order to foster matriculation into college and college-level math and science courses. The Escalante Program aims at raising the percentage of students which pass or are exempt from taking the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Placement Examination, giving inner-city students an equal chance for success in college. Once in college, Escalante students begin with college-level math classes, thereby decreasing the number of years spent in school The Escalante Math and Science Program provides students with a challenging academic environment in which to practice and master complex mathematical theory and applications.

This program operates on the basic principle that, given the availability of excellent teaching and a commitment to work hard, more time spent by the student working on the Subject will result in improved student outcomes. The Escalante Program is an integrated sequence of intermediate and advanced mathematics coursework sup-ported by the commitment of each student and instructor to a rigorous schedule.

Classes are taught by instructors selected for their teaching skills and history of success with students.


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Building: K5 Room 105

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