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Accessibility Guidelines

(Accessibility Guidelines for Instructors - Making accomodations for students with disabilities)

Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines

Resources on How to Make Your Files Accessible

Microsoft Word Files

VIDEO: Using Headings in MS Word (Portland Community College)

Microsoft PowerPoint Files

Adobe Acrobat Files

Canvas Digital Accessibility

Making your Image, Audio, and Video Accessible

NOTE: All videos must be closed-captioned and all Audio clips must have a transcript.

Creating Hyperlinks

  • How do I create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? (Canvas)
  • Use meaningful descriptions of what the link is when creating links. The linked text should make sense out of context.
  • Don't use the word "link" in the link description.
  • Avoid describing links with phrases such as "click here," "more information," and "read more."
  • Don't use the URL of the website in the link.

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