The Applied Music Program enables the Music Department to provide one-on-one instrumental/vocal lessons to our qualified music majors. These lessons (Music 181-184) are taught by top professional musicians in the Los Angeles area, and will help foster the student's musical development on their chosen instrument or voice. In addition to the lessons, students will meet weekly for a performance workshop (Music 250), which provides an opportunity to improve and enhance public performance skills. Participation in one of our performance ensembles is also an integral part of this program. In order to be a well-rounded musician, it is vital not only to focus on individual improvement, but also to be able to work within a larger ensemble.

Auditions are required for acceptance into this program. Space is limited, and those who qualify are considered to be the best, most talented students, both musically and academically. In order to maintain the integrity of our program, students will be expected to follow the additional requirements (found in the Requirements link) at all times, or risk being dropped from the program. Depending on the circumstance, re-entry into the program may only be possible upon approval of the faculty through a new audition for a future semester.

In order to audition, please fill out an Applied Music Application Form (available in the Music Office or you can download from the 'Forms' link). Deadlines for the Application Form will be posted on the website near the end of the semester for the upcoming semester auditions. Once you have completed and turned in your Application Form, we will contact you with an audition time.

Once accepted into the program, you must meet with Dr. Nagatani to discuss your music course requirements for each of the upcoming semesters. Also, please refer to the Requirements link under Applied Music. All the rules and standards expected of the Applied Music student will be listed in detail. Should any of these requirements not be met, you may be put on probation, or dropped from the program.


If you would like to audition for the program, you will first need to complete an Application Form, which can be downloaded from the 'Forms' link. Application forms will only be accepted via email to Dr. Chie Nagatani.

Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted with an audition time. Remember, you must submit an Application Form by the due date in order to be able to audition. Late applications will not be accepted.

Application Form due: Friday, January 26, 2024.
Applied Audition date: Friday, February 2, 2024 @ 10:00am-12:00pm

Please read all information in the Applied Music Program links for further details.

For further information about the Applied Music Program, please contact Dr. Chie Nagatani via email: