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Our E.S.L. Discipline 

One of the main objectives of our credit E.S.L. program is to help students progress quickly and competently through our course sequence to reach E.S.L. 110, which is equivalent to English 101, English 101Z but with specialized instruction and support for non-native speakers of English.  

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Sequence of Courses

The Credit E.S.L. curriculum is designed for students who want to study English for academic purposes and would like to transfer to the UC (University of California) or CSU (California State University).

The main pathway through the course sequence starts in E.S.L 3A and ends in E.S.L. 110. To facilitate the mastery of all English language skills, we encourage students to enroll in the “B” courses (Reading / Vocabulary) and the “C” courses (Listening / Speaking) together with the “A” courses (Writing / Grammar).

Students can enroll into the Credit E.S.L. Curriculum by completing the Guided Self Placement (GSP) Process, which is only available for students who have not completed the Placement Assessment Process within one year, or by completing the Credit ESL Pre-Requisite Challenge Process for any credit E.S.L. course. 

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Kevin VanHouten, Professor of E.S.L. @ 323.265.8868; email: @email)

Transfer-level English Composition - 4 units

Writing/Grammar – 6 units

  • E.S.L. 8: High-Advanced E.S.L. Composition
  • E.S.L. 6A: Advanced Level
  • E.S.L. 5A: High-Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 4A: Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 3A: Low-Intermediate Level

Reading/Vocabulary - 3 units

  • E.S.L. 6B: Advanced Level
  • E.S.L. 5B: High-Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 4B: Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 3B: Low-Intermediate Level

Listening/Speaking - 3 units

  • E.S.L. 6C: Advanced Level
  • E.S.L. 5C: High-Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 4C: Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 3C: Low-Intermediate Level