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The Child, Family & Education Studies department incorporates three disciplines: Child Development, Family and Consumer Studies, and Education. The Family and Consumer Studies Department offers a combination program of academic and vocational courses that enables the student to: graduate with Associate of Arts degree, transfer, obtain a certificate for entry level positions, or engage in professional development opportunities for advanced certificate programs.

In the new millennium, we will continue to see the public demand for early education programs for young children. Since there is considerable evidence, including brain research, that environments influences the development of young children, it is critical that well trained students utilize "best practices" as either a parent or an early childhood educator. Students with a background in the child development discipline are able to pursue professional opportunities in many fields other than teaching, including production opportunities in many fields other than teaching, including production of children's films, books and magazines; educational television; children's toys and educational software; community and/or support services such as home visitors, family services; and child advocacy at local, state, and national levels.

For those students pursuing Family and Consumer Studies courses, this discipline provides courses in marriage, family, and nutrition. In addition, as life span increases, so will the need for senior services courses. All three disciplines provide educational opportunities for one to develop skills and competencies for multiple roles for home, family, and career.

CFES Mission Statement

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The Child, Family and Education Studies (CFES) department of East Los Angeles College, empowers students to become effective educators, leaders of social change, and advocates for children, families, and the greater community. We strive to support students’ educational, career, and personal goals that will lead them to serve diverse communities throughout the life span.


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