ELAC Will Be First LACCD College to Raise LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag in Solidarity

October 19, 2022


October 10, 2022
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Kevin Jimenez, ELAC College Public Relations Manager, 323-265-8807, JimeneKA@elac.edu

MONTEREY PARK, CA – On October 11, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. East Los Angeles College (ELAC) will make history by becoming the first Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) college to raise the LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag in solidarity. ELAC President Alberto J. Román will be joined by LACCD Board of Trustees Vice President David Vela, CA Assembly member Mike Fong, and Monterey Park Mayor Henry Lo who will all speak and participate in the flag raising.

This will take place on National Coming Out Day, and ELAC's Husky Pride Center has a full day of activities. After the flag raising and press conference, attendees will head to the Husky Pride Center for a ribbon cutting and open house. This is a chance to showcase the new Husky Pride Center and for the ELAC LGBTQ+ community to welcome all participants.

"As an individual with a stigmatized identity, coming from the trans community, I continue hoping that my proximity around cisgender individuals lessens otherization practices imposed onto trans bodies. This October 11th marks the day which allows for a recognition of the queer body community in not being constrained as an individual existing in the theoretical world, but rather a recognition of being authentically real in both the material world in which we live and to ourselves within our bodies," said ELAC Student Thursday Storm.

After the open house, there will be a film screening of L.A. A Queer History. This film sheds light on the part of American history and historical figures who are largely unacknowledged. In turn, it creates a newfound dialogue about not only LGBTQ history but how our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters are affected by the world we live in today. The film adds a better understanding of the truly unique and utterly American culture of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community.

"I am proud to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. This flag raising is historic for ELAC and another step towards progress for our LGBTQ+ students. I want to thank the Husky Pride Center for continuing to be a safe space for all our students," said ELAC President Alberto J. Román

About Husky Pride Center
The Husky Pride Center strives to Create a more supportive campus climate for LGBTQ+ scholars, staff, and faculty. The Center is a safe space for LGBTQ+ scholars, staff, and faculty and build a visible network of campus allies. They also share information on common challenges, resources, and best practices to support LGBTQ+ scholars.

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