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Each teacher develops a balanced, developmentally appropriate and flexible program to meet the needs of the children in his/her classroom. Our program follows the research findings of Piaget and other noted child development experts which state that children 2-5 years of age need to be active in their environment, experiencing the world with all their senses through hands-on, concrete experiences in order to assimilate the information.

The daily program will include a balance of self-directed and teacher directed activities. Your child will choose from activities that include art, language, math, science, manipulatives, block building, and socio-dramatic play. They will also be involved in group times that focus on the introduction to concepts, stories, music, movement, and special discussions on different ideas and children’s interests.

The program is geared toward developing the child’s exploration and observation skills, abilities to question and seek different solutions to problems, and taking responsibility for one’s own choices and behavior. The ability to make choices helps develop independence and self-esteem. We have trust in the child’s ability to make positive choices for themselves, and the teachers are available to intervene and help if they make a choice that is unsafe or unhealthy.

The teacher is a facilitator of the child’s learning process and guide children in developing skills in conflict resolution. They create an exciting, safe environment for the child to explore and learn in. They are here to give support when needed, ask open-ended questions to challenge the child’s thinking, and to build upon skills and interests children may have.

The staff believes that our curriculum represents a non-biased attitude, which reflects the culturally diverse community in which we live. We involve people and materials that represent many ethnic heritages. We encourage and incorporate total community involvement. The children have the opportunity to enhance their perception of their own perception of their own ethnic background, as well as to learn to appreciate others. The staff considers this to be a unique and essential addition to the programs philosophy and curriculum.



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