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The STAND at ELAC Research Program

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Sign up now and see if you qualify to participate in the STAND at ELAC Research Program which is a collaboration between ELAC and UCLA. If you are eligible, you will receive mental health services tailored for your needs and compensation for the time you dedicate to responding to research surveys.

How does STAND work?

After participants register and create an account, they are prompted to complete a mental health tracker. With the tracker, students can:

  1. Check for symptoms, receive symptom feedback, and access personalized recommendations using the Mental Health Tracker.
  2. Access personalized services based on your symptoms; meet with clinicians and trained coaches and learn coping skills and strategies.
  3. Track and monitor symptoms over time and receive adjustments to treatment as necessary.


Based on responses to the Mental Health Tracker, one of the following three services will be recommended:

  1. Wellness Program: An online wellness program, through which you can learn skills for coping with common stressful experiences and build resilience at your own pace.
  2. Digital Mental Health with Coaching: An online digital therapy program with lessons that are designed to respond to your specific symptoms. You may access the system through any personal device (phone, tablet or computer), and for each lesson, you also are assigned to a certified student coach who provides support through remote video chat.
  3. Clinical Care: Connection to a team of clinicians who will evaluate your specific symptoms and create an individual treatment plan, tailored for you. Your treatment will include weekly sessions delivered through telehealth, and if deemed appropriate, you may also have medication appointments. To be eligible for clinical care through STAND at ELAC, students need to be uninsured or have Medi-Cal or Medicare coverage. There may be costs associated with clinical care depending on your income and other factors.


  • Be a current registered ELAC student
  • Be 18 or older.
  • If you are currently taking psychiatric medications, you may need to change to a Harbor-UCLA psychiatrist under the STAND program
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