Welcome to Chicana/o Studies

Dolores Huerta

The Department of Chicana/o Studies offers an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in history, literature, political science, psychology, art/culture, gender and sexuality, health sciences, and other fields, as they pertain to Mexican, Mexican-American, Central American, and other Latina/o experience in the U.S. A study of Chicanas/os / Latinas/os positions students to participate actively in a multicultural society as engaged global citizens and contributing community members who understand ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity in the U.S. and can compete in an increasingly global job market.

A major in Chicana/o Studies prepares students at the undergraduate level for dedicated community service and a multitude of exciting careers. The cross-fertilization of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences establishes a comprehensive educational background for students who seek excellence in scholarship and who aim to serve and contribute to their communities while succeeding in careers in education, law, non-profit organizations, the arts, health and medicine, government agencies and public administration, and social services, among other fields and occupations.

Chicano Studies, Associate in Arts Degree
CHICANO 2 The Mexican-American in Contemporary Society (3)
CHICANO 7 The Mexican-American in the History of the United States I (3)
CHICANO 8 The Mexican-American in the History of the United States II. (3)
CHICANO 33 Introduction to Central American Studies (3)
CHICANO 37 Chicano Literature (3)
CHICANO 47 The Mexican-American Woman in Society (3)
CHICANO 50 Gender and Sexuality in Chicano/Latino Communities (3)
CHICANO 54 Mexican-American Arts in American Culture (3)
CHICANO 57 Chicanas and Chicanos in Film (3)
CHICANO 44 Mexican Civilization (3) OR SPANISH 16 Mexican Civilization (3)
ANTHRO 102 Human Ways of Life: Cultural Anthropology (3)
ARTHIST 151 Introduction to Latin American Art (3)
ARTHIST 191 Introduction to Street Art and Urban Visual Culture (1)
ASIAN 1 The Asian in America (3)
CHICANO 3 Sociology and Psychology of the Latin American (3)
CHICANO 24 Scholastic and Personal Development (3)
CHICANO 25 The LGBTQ Chicana/o in Contemporary Society (3)
CHICANO 26 The Chicana/o in the LGBTQ History of the United States (3)
CHICANO 27 Chicana/o LGBTQ Literature (3)
CHICANO 31 The Central American Experience (3)
CHICANO 46 Mexican-American Folklore (3)
CHICANO 80 Chicano Politics (3)
HISTORY 5 History of the Americas I (3)
HISTORY 6 History of the Americas II (3)
HISTORY 23 Latin American Civilization (3)
SOC 11 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)
SPANISH 26 Understanding Latin America Through Film (3)
CHICANO 42 Contemporary Mexican Literature (3) OR SPANISH 12 Contemporary Mexican Literature (3)
SPANISH 1 Elementary Spanish 1 (5) OR SPANISH 2 Elementary Spanish II OR SPANISH 3
Intermediate Spanish I OR SPANISH 4 Intermediate Spanish II OR SPANISH 5 Advanced
Spanish I OR SPANISH 6 Advanced Spanish II OR SPANISH 35 Spanish for Spanish
Speakers I OR SPANISH 36 Spanish for Spanish Speakers II
Note: 9 units of major courses may be double counted towards LACCD General Education.