Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will online prerequisite science courses be accepted?

Yes. We will accept online prerequisite science courses from the schools ELAC has traditionally accepted from. Any courses not already accepted at ELAC will require a Petition for Course Equivalency. We strongly advise students to meet with a nursing counselor before submitting an application.   

 2. What kind of financial aid is available to the nursing students?

ELAC offers many financial aid programs to assist students who have demonstrated financial needs. Please inquire directly at ELAC Financial Aid.

 3. What is the selection process? Is there a wait list?

Incoming cohorts are selected based on the ELAC Multi-Criteria Process for Admission (ranking points and lottery). There will be no wait-list maintained.    

4. If I am an LVN, can I apply to the program?

Applicants with LVN licensure can apply to the program just as any generic student. The ELAC Multi-Criteria Process for Admission Worksheet will be used to determine LVN applicant's eligibility for the RN program.

 5. Does the program require a CNA certificate before applying?

No, we do not require applicants to have a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate before applying to the program.

6. Can I still apply if I haven’t taken the TEAS test, but plan to take it in a few weeks?

TEAS Version 6 Proctored Assessment  must be completed and score >62.0% on all four sub-categories before application deadline to be eligible to apply to the program. Do not submit application if you do not have your TEAS result. 

7. If I have a DUI, a conviction, or a discipline, can I still apply to the program?

Please visit the BRN website for licensure requirements.  

 8. What is the fingerprint requirement?

Incoming new students will be required to complete Live Scan background checks for both DOJ and FBI. New students will not start the program if the background check is not successfully completed.