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Jaime Escalante began his accelerated math program at Garfield High School in 1974, then brought his teaching methods to ELAC in 1983. The Jaime Escalante program, has operated at East Los Angeles College for more than 30 years and recently confirmed its powerful ability to transform math achievement for young learners. Using standardized tests issued by UCLA and the State of California, Bowen discovered that Escalante students had significantly higher test scores than those who did not receive tutoring. The effect was especially strong when students enrolled for two consecutive summers in Escalante tutoring. Possibly the most surprising result was that Escalante tutoring had much greater impact on girls than on boys. Although both genders were successful as a result of Escalante instruction, the data reveals that girls, who are often stereotyped as “math avoiders,” have the potential to take off as scientists, doctors or engineers if they are given the right start.

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