Los Angeles College Promise

Frequently Asked Questions


Applicants must be first-time college students having earned a H.S. Diploma, GED, or the equivalent. They must also be California residents or be eligible for non-resident tuition exemption (AB-540). For assistance with AB540, click HERE.

No. Students will need to complete the required elements such as FAFSA or DREAM ACT, Online Orientation, Counseling Education Plan, Summer Activity, enroll in 12 units (unless DSPS). Students interested in the program should contact the First-Year Experience for details by clicking HERE.

YES. There is a new assessment process that allows the college to determine Math & English placements by using high school information. For most students, Math and English placements will be generated using the high school information provided on CCCApply. For a small portion of students, these placements won’t generate as you may be a Concurrent High School (dual-enrollment) student. Concurrent Enrollment students are required to fill out the High School Update form and submit to the Admissions office. If your SIS Portal does not reflect Math and/or English placements, please contact the Assessment Office by clicking HERE.

Students with an IEP should consult with our Diverseabilities Department (DSPS) for accommodations on the 12-unit requirement. Students with approved unit reductions must submit a verification letter before each academic year to the Promise Coordinator. To reach DSPS, please click HERE.

Applicants who completed required ELAC Promise Steps 1-4 by April 16th 2021 will receive priority registration for Fall 2021. For Promise Steps 1-4 see roadmap, click HERE.

ELAC Promise students have access to additional financial assistance to help cover food, books, or transportation costs. Students also have access to, all expenses paid international travel experiences through the Mayor’s Young Ambassadors Program (MAYA).

Disclaimer: Due to COVID19 the incentives have changed. 

ELAC Promise pays for the Student Health Fee and Student Rep. Fee. The ELAC Promise does NOT cover the ASO fee.

Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 12 units each semester and maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Accommodations are made for students who are part of DSPS (see question #4).

NO. Only classes taken in Fall and Spring semesters are covered. To cover tuition in the Summer or Winter semesters students must have applied and be eligible for FAFSA or DREAM ACT.

There is no limit to the number of units, for eligible students, that ELAC Promise can cover in either the Fall or Spring semesters. (For information on Winter or Summer, see #9 above).

YES. In fact, we encourage students to take advantage of other programs to ensure your academic success.


Yes. The Metro Pass will remain active till the end of the semester

Students who selected the bookstore incentive can purchase items from the ELAC ONLINE bookstore. To search the ELAC Bookstore, click HERE.

Dining card funds are typically available until they are exhausted. Since our ELAC campus is closed, it won’t be possible to use the funds at this time.

Students must maintain a minimum of 12 units (unless part of DSPS) AND a 2.0 GPA. If you have fallen below the requirements due to Covid-19, you will have an opportunity to appeal once the Spring semester is complete.

Typically, incentives are reserved for the major semesters Fall/Spring. If incentives are offered during the Summer and/or Winter semesters, ELAC Promise students will be notified. Follow us on Instagram to be updated with the latest news. 

The "ELAC Promise," "LA College Promise," or "California College Promise" is a student success program administered by the First-Year Center at ELAC. FYC’s College Promise provides services, support, supplies, mentorship and other benefits in addition to covering enrollment fees and has no income requirement. It combines the LA College Promise and California's AB 19 & AB2 "College Promise" benefits.

The California Promise Grant was formerly known as the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver, or "BOG", which waives students' enrollment fees based off income and family size data.

Students with approved unit reductions must submit a verification letter as soon as possible to the Promise Coordinator.