Outreach Department
Mission Statement

Our Purpose: Outreach & Recruitment serves as a linkage of higher education activities to the community, such as high schools, and community and local governmental agencies. We serve as a collaborator to various partnerships and advisories to promote educational attainment and workforce success.  

Our Services: Outreach conducts internal and external activities to promote higher education awareness, and transition and transfer.  We work with high schools and community-based organizations to offer several offsite education courses. We partner with high school counselors and community workers to disseminate information to potential students, K-12 partners, and the community at large about the various opportunities and services offered at ELAC. 

Ask Me Anything sessions
Monday - Friday
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Link: https://laccd.zoom.us/j/94626897032



Outreach & Recruitment are: 

Vice President of Student Services 
Miguel Duenas 

Student Services Aide 
Alexander Velasquez 

Student Services Assistants  
Ani Saakyan 
Julian Lopez 

Student Services Support Representative 
Sergio Guerrero 
Michelle Ceja 

Location: E1 Student Services Building, Room 118 & South Gate Education Center, Cubicle 1
Email: outreach@elac.edu
Phone: (323) 265-8642
Fax: (323) 267-3787
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