Veterans Request for Certification

In order to get certified for your VA Educational Benefits at East Los Angeles College, you must certify each semester.

You will need to submit the ELAC VA Certification Form to continue to receive your benefits.

Use this form to:

Submit a new certification request for each semester you want to utilize your VA educational benefits. Student veterans and dependents using VA educational benefits must submit a VA certification request for each semester they wish to use VA educational benefits.

Report changes to your schedule after you've submitted your initial request.

  • ELAC student veterans must report ANY schedule changes (new adds, drops, withdrawals, section transfers, change to P/NP or EW, etc.) within one business week to the Veterans Resource Center. Failure to submit these updates to the ELAC School Certifying Official in a timely manner may result in holds on your ELAC student account, over or under payments to you (the student), to the VA, and/or ELAC, delayed VA payments, and/or other penalties.
  • VRC students who wish to certify a course at another college must confirm ELAC equivalency with the VRC counselor beforehand.
  • VRC students are expected to meet with the VRC counselor at least once per full-term semester (about every 6 months).

Your request for certifications may be delayed if:

  • Requested courses are not listed on your ed plan as GE or major requirements.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Requested courses are on "waitlist" status.

Need to update your Student Educational Plan? Message us on Cranium Cafe to schedule a counseling appointment.

How COVID-19 Affects Your VA Educational Benefits

Per the VA, if a class has been converted from in-person to online as a direct result of COVID-19, then it will be certified as on-campus (in-resident) units. At ELAC, you will notice that nearly all classes have been converted to an online learning format. In order to ensure that you get the full BAH for your VA educational benefits, you will need to make sure that the courses you are enrolling in were originally scheduled as "In-Resident" (on campus) courses prior to certification. Courses that were originally designated as "Online" courses will only receive 1/2 of the monthly BAH for VA educational benefits. Courses that have days of the week and times listed next to them were originally on campus "In-Resident" courses "Synchronous Online"  that were converted over to an online modality and will still be classified as "In-Resident" for full BAH payments. The courses that are listed as "4 HR 15 Min/WK TBA" "Asynchronous Online" or similar are courses that were originally scheduled as online only and will only receive the 1/2 BAH for your VA educational benefits if you only enroll in these types of courses for the semester.

Independent and distance learning

You can use your VA educational benefits for independent and distance learning online. However, if you’re using your VA educational benefits while taking only distance-learning courses (Asynchronous) at ELAC, the VA will only pay a housing allowance based on 50% of the national average.

When selecting your courses from the ELAC course catalog, you can tell which courses have undergone a conversion by looking at the listed class times:


  • Courses listed with with specific meeting schedules (example: Wednesday 7:10PM-10:00PM) were converted to online and so will be certified as  "In-Resident"  units. LACCD classifies these courses as "Synchronous Online" courses.


  • Courses listed with self-paced hours (example: 4HR 15Min/ WK TBA) were already intended to be online and so will be certified as "Online" or "Distance" units. LACCD classifies these courses as "Asynchronous Online" courses.


  • Courses listed with specific meeting schedules (example: Wednesday 7:10PM-10:00PM) AND self-paced hours (example: 4HR 15Min/ WK TBA) are considered "Hybrid" courses and will be certified as as  "In-Resident"  units. LACCD classifies these courses as "Synchronous Online" & "Asynchronous Online" courses.


In order to get certified for your VA Educational Benefits, please complete the digital VA Certification form online. Click here for a direct link to complete the the VA Certification Form online (you will be required to login using your LACCD student ID and password):

ELAC Veterans Request for Certification Form