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If you haven’t yet decided on a major or if you need foundational skills to achieve college success, this is an excellent pathway for you. There are courses for students with basic to advanced skills, including classes to help students learn English, sharpen reasoning and communication skills, and navigate steps to college success. If you are unsure what you’d like to major in, acquire a breadth of knowledge in an area of interest to you- Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or Arts and Humanities- to help you determine your focused academic and career path.

General Studies Associate Degrees

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Basic Skills




Job Readiness


Exploratory Courses

ADM JUS 001 - Introduction to Administration of Justice

HLTHOCC 065 - Fundamentals for the Health Care Professional

ANTHRO 101 - Human Biological Evolution

ARC 110 - Introduction to Architecture

ART 103 - Art Appreciation I

AUTOMO 101 - Introduction to Automobile Technology

BUS 001 - Introduction to Business

CHEM 065 - Introduction to General Chemisty
CHEM 101 - General Chemistry I (depending on prerequisites and placement)

CHICANO 004 - Introduction to Chicana/o Studies

  • FAM &CS 021 - Nutrition
  • CH DEV 011 - Child, Family, and Community

COMM 101 - Oral Communication I

CAOT 035 - Concepts in Information Systems

COUNSEL 040 - College Success Seminar

DANCEST 457 - Dance Perspectives and Appreciation

ENG GEN 101 - Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Technologies

ENGLISH 101 - College Reading and Composition I

SPANISH 035 - Spanish for Spanish Speakers I
Any level 1 modern language (e.g., ASL 001, SPANISH 001, CHINESE 001, FRENCH 001, JAPAN 001)

JOURNAL 101 - Collecting and Writing News

KIN MAJ 100 - Introduction to Physical Education

LIB SCI 101 - College Research Skills

BIOLOGY 003 - Introduction to Biology

MATH 260/260S - Precalculus (with Support)
MATH 241/241S - Trigonometry with Vectors (with Support)

MEDIART 101 - Introduction to Digital Film/Video Production

MUSIC 111 - Music Appreciation I

NURSING 252 - Mathematics of Drugs and Solutions

PHILOS 001 - Introduction to Philosophy

PHYSICS 011 - Introductory Physics

ADDICST 001 - Understanding Addiction and Counseling

PSYCH 001 - General Psychology

RESP TH 101 - Survey of Respiratory Therapy

This department has multiple areas of study and the introductory course for those areas are listed below.

  • SOC 001 - Introduction to Sociology;
  • POL SCI 001 - The Government of the United States;
  • HISTORY 001 - Introduction to Western Civilization I;
  • ECON 001 - Principles of Economics I;

THEATER 100 - Introduction to the Theater

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re unsure where to start, we are here to help you discover the degree or certificate you need, or which courses to take.