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Fitness Specialist Certificate of Achievement

The East Los Angeles Kinesiology Fitness Specialist Certificate of Achievement program will give hands on training and experience for students to be prepared for entry-level positions or higher. The student will be trained to evaluate the physiological and psychological effects of physical activities and design personalized exercise prescriptions. Program graduates will be qualified to be personal fitness trainer and/or group exercise instructor. Students in the program will learn scientific principles of exercise and physical conditioning, techniques of strength training, and methods appropriate to establishing healthy behavior. This program also prepares candidates for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and the National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) certification exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fitness Specialist Certificate takes 1 year (2-semesters; Fall - Spring) to complete with a full-time schedule. It is a total of 23 units. With a part-time schedule it will take approximately 2 years to complete. A few classes are offered online, hybrid or in winter/summer.

There is no licensing requirement for fitness specialists, group exercise instructor’s or personal trainers in California, however most fitness facilities require a minimum of a CPT (certified personal trainer) certification from an accredited organization, and prefer candidates who also have a college degree or certificate in a fitness-related field. Many gyms also offer more competitive pay for higher education achieved. Some gyms may accept the CPT for group fitness instructors but most prefer a basic group fitness instructor (GFI) certification and specialized certifications for specific or branded classes.

In order to qualify for the CPT or GFI exams you must:

  • Have a high-school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a valid CPR/AED certification (part of HEALTH 12)

The Fitness Specialist Certificate is designed to train students to function as entry-level and higher as personal fitness trainers and group exercise instructors. Students will learn the techniques of exercise guidance with groups and individuals, how to design safe and effective personalized exercise plans for a variety of clients, principles of physical conditioning, and establishment and assessment of healthy behaviors.

Internships are available for all students. You must get approval from a faculty advisor before registering. Internships are offered as 1-unit course. It is recommended you complete all your core courses prior to enrolling in the internship course. Talk to your Kinesiology professor for more information.

Yes. The Associate's Degree in Kinesiology for Transfer (KIN AA-T) and the Associate’s Degree in Physical Education (PE AA) at ELAC prepares students to transfer to a 4-year university and major in Kinesiology.

Program Requirements

This certificate requires students to meet the following requirements

                  Complete the core courses outlined below (21 units)

                  Complete a minimum of 2 units from the elective activity courses

Required Core KIN MAJ 100 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
  KIN MAJ 116 Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3
  HEALTH 12 Safety Education and First Aid 3
  KIN MAJ 117 Personal Trainer Instructor 3
  KIN MAJ 118 Sports Nutrition 2
  KIN MAJ 113 Exercise Testing and Prescription 2
  KIN MAJ 114 Techniques of Instruction: Group Fitness 1.5
  KIN MAJ 115 Techniques of Instruction: Strength Training 1.5
  KIN MAJ 131 Kinesiology Internship Experience 1
Elective Activity Courses (2 units) KIN 229 Body Conditioning 1
  KIN 237 Bootcamp I 1
  KIN 247 Pilates for Fitness 1
  KIN 248-1 Stretching for Flexibility I 1
  KIN 301-1 Swimming Skills I 1
  KIN 303 Aqua Aerobics 1
  KIN 307 Swim and Run 1
  KIN 327 Lifelong Fitness Lab 1
  KIN 328-1 Bicycle Spinning I 1
  KIN 330-1 Cardio Kickboxing I 1
  KIN 331-1 Cross Training I 1
  KIN 333 Step Aerobics and Weight Training 1
  KIN 334-1 Fitness Walking I 1
  KIN 336-1 Zumba Fitness I 1
  KIN 337 Bootcamp II 1
  KIN 338-1 Power Boxing I 1
  KIN 339-1 Spin and Sculpt I 1
  KIN 346-1 Body Toning I 1
  KIN 350-1 Weight Training I 1

Fitness Specialist Certificate Advisor
Lindsay Costello
(323) 265- 8921