Student Writing Math Equation

Math Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

The Mathematics Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program puts outstanding students, called "SI coaches/leaders", into our math courses on the main campus. These SI leaders hold several SI sessions each week where they cover material relevant to the course using active learning methods that encourage students to think critically about the material. Finally, the SI leaders attend class with their students, taking notes and assisting the professor as needed.

Purposes of SI

  • To improve student grades. 
  • To increase the graduation rates of students.

SI helps students: 

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Become more actively involved in the course
  • Develop more effective study skills. 
  • Gain problem-solving experiences. 


Contact Information


Office Location: E7-210


Melanie Xie  -- Math SI Program Coordinator
Phone: 323 - 415-4178

Marisol Naranjo -- Math Dept. Secretary
Email: @email
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