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  • Ambassador Program
    • ELAC Ed Justice Program offers campus tours, information sessions, and workshops to formerly and currently incarcerated individuals, and community stakeholders, interested in pursuing their academic goals at East Los Angeles College.
  • Early College Program
    • In collaboration with LA County Probation, ELAC Ed Justice offers dual enrollment college-credit courses to high school youth in Camp Community Placement at Camp Afflerbaugh, Camp Paige, Dorothy Kirby Center, and Central Juvenile Hall. The goal of our Early College Program is to provide youth an opportunity to begin their college & career pathway while still enrolled in high school.


  • Ed Justice English Learning Community
    • The Ed Justice English Learning Community provides formerly incarcerated students an opportunity to complete English 101 and English 103 within a cohort dedicated to implementing culturally responsive curriculum and instruction.
  • Cal State LA Project Rebound Transfer Pathway
    • Project Rebound assists formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to enroll at Cal State LA by providing an introduction to the university setting and campus services.
  • UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships
    • Formerly Incarcerated System-Impacted Summer Intensive Transfer Experience (FI-SI SITE ). Students learn to navigate the community college system to transfer successfully to the University of California. Introduction to research, university writing and support programs. Focus on the history, educational pipeline and resources available to Formerly Incarcerated and System-Impacted students.
  • Berkeley Underground Scholar (BUS) Ambassador Program
    • BUS ambassadors provide a space for system-impacted and formerly incarcerated students to succeed and prepare them for after community college. Ambassadors are students at community colleges responsible to start a club, connect with the transfer center, and reach out to formerly incarcerated students. There are currently 15 ambassadors throughout California.


  • Leadership Institute
  • Rise Scholars
  • LAARP 


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Eizandro Umana
Education Justice Rising Scholars Program Coordinator
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Phone: (213) 394-2897